Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rant: Museum Station

Other than delay, what purpose does the TTC's Museum Station serve? The routine is the same every day: a train packed with commuters stops at Museum, the doors stay open for the requisite half-minute with nobody boarding or disembarking, and it carries on. I can't think of many places around the station not already served by St. George, Queen's Park, or Wellesley.


Chris Farley's Ghost said...

When I worked at QP, I got off there all the time. It is actually closer to the back doors of the Park than Queen's Park station.

Only down side is sometimes I had to cross the park at night.

David said...

But if you go to Queen's Park station, you can get to the office underground and never have to see the light of day. Besides, I don't think that a handful of political hacks justifies a subway station.

Road Hammer said...

Privatize it and Museum Station would thankfully be history.