Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Transformers: The Movie

On July 4th, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay team up to release Transformers, the live action remake of the 1986 animated film. With General Motors as a production partner, expect the Autobots to be played by Chevrolets and Pontiacs, while Toyotas will fittingly portray the Decepticons. Those of us who grew up watching the after-school cartoon will be pleased that veteran voice actors Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) and Frank Welker (Megatron) reclaim their original roles. Jon Voight also stars, but it's not yet been confirmed whether his 1986 Lebaron convertible will make a cameo.


webber said...

Transformers and GI Joe are my childhood! Though for some reason it was very hard to get either cartoon in Ottawa in the 80s.

Road Hammer said...

I never really got into these cartoons because from 1984-1988 my pubescent self was out delivering the KW Record after school while dreaming of things involving Debbie Gibson, Sheila E and Elizabeth (Randy Savage's manager) to pass the time.

Needless to say, none of those aforementioned things should be mentioned in this family publication.

David said...

It's okay, Hammer - The Webber and I were having similar thoughts about Scarlett and Lady Jane.

Interestingly, the producers wanted to make a G.I. Joe live action film, but they feared that backlash over Iraq would hurt box office sales.