Monday, April 02, 2007

The Toyota Tundra: A Pretty Truck

The professor pushed the deadline for Friday's paper to today, so student's syndrome being what it is, I finished it this morning. My plan to use this blog to sort out my thinking didn't work out, but I'll offer a few observations from my research over the next few days.

For tonight, I'll respond to a comment left by Sgt. Dub on last week's post. He asked about my quip that the Toyota Tundra pick-up was excessively feminine. The Tundra has been a disaster for Toyota since its launch. A quality embarrassment, it has had recalls of 800,000 trucks in 2005 and 500,000 trucks this year. Analysts have been critical of the Tundra body design, which they have labeled "too curvaceous" for the full-size pick-up market. You may note that its commercials are now trying to "man-up" to reassure Tundra buyers that they will not pull up to a red light to find a soccer mom driving the Tundra next to them.

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