Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rant: Starbucks Employee at Tim Horton's

There are two things that a Tim Horton's employee must be able to do: distinguish between milk and cream, and make change. Thus, it's with great irritation that, from time-to-time, I overhear Tim Horton's cashiers like the guy at Bedford and Bloor:

“Oh you wanted a small chocolate milk, oh you’ll have to excuse me - too much punk music... The triple chocolate donut? I’m sorry, that was a one-month special, we’re now offering our caramel cappuccino donut, which I just die for, but I swore it off a week ago.”
Banter is not in the job description.


Ms. Skeelo said...

The Tim Horton's employees in my 'hood are nicely surly and uncommunicative. It's the super chipper Starbots that scare the crap out of me.

David said...

Agreed, Ms. Skeelo - there's one struggling poet that works at the Starbucks in Etobicoke's Kingsway neighbourhood who feels compelled to share every detail of his life with everyone. This includes the flu from which he's been struggling to recover for days... all the while he's hacking spittle into lattes.

Back Shed said...

The following exchange took place last September in a Tim Horton's in Woodstock, New Brunswick:

Hi, may I please have a tuna sandwich?

(Reading the video terminal) Tuna sandwich. Do you want cheese on that?

No. Just a regular tuna sandwich, please.

(Again, reading the video terminal)How about Swiss?

David said...

No kidding... I've been asked several times at Tim Horton's whether I'd like mustard on my tuna sandwich.

Yes please, and some ketchup and vinegar as well.

Anonymous said...

I work at Tim hortans. You should not go there unless you know what your doing or else you will get angry.
Just today, this old guy got pissed at me because we were out of the salad sandwiches. After 10 mins of trying to figure out what other kind of sandwich he wanted, he finally made his choice. I rung it all in and at the end, the idiot wanted to use debit. We dont accept debit. He got so pissed... So today was fun. :)

Celius said...

I work at a starbucks in Edmonton, Alberta. The busiest (spelling?) starbucks in Edmonton. I can understand us all sounding like bots. We're conditioned that way. I can understand the conditioning though. Seriously, walk into any Tim Hortons and ask for a Large, French Vanilla non fat, extra hot, with 2 shots extra of Vanilla, and since it's non fat it better be sugar free vanilla and blah blah blah blah blah. We have to be trained like robots. Seriously the people that come into my location have drinks with 20 or 30 nouns and verbs. Only a robot, such as myself, could understand that jargin. I work at starbucks because I like coffee. I'm a coffee nut. I was going to work at Second Cup, but I was interested in starbucks, because I wanted to know why, a company like that, would be considered evil. South Park did an episode on starbucks once, and it's a good episode. Obviously you have to take the low brow humour an all that out, but in the end, starbucks was a small company that just did good. Starbucks doesn't really infringe on any other coffee shops profits. If anything they aren't even really directly competing with Tim Hortons, more so Second Cup. I had my first taste of Tim Hortons coffee after working at Starbucks for 1 month, and it tasted like watered 18% creme with sugar. Maybe it's because I'm use to the strong coffee at starbucks. I don't see Starbucks though ever getting rid of Tim Hortons, maybe Second Cup, but not Tim Hortons. That's list saying Wendy's will over throw the McDonald's empire. In the end it's a matter of preference. If you want something quick and something you're used to. Go to Tim Hortons, hell I would. If you want something with a bit more flavour infused in your coffee, goto Second Cup. I love the Irish Creme and the Highlander Grogg is damned good. Starbucks is a place for a few different people. The elitist (annoying people), health conscious,
and people who want something different. We can make all your drinks that you get at other places, it just takes a bit more time. You want a Tim Horton's style french vanilla (I get that questions alot) just ask for a vanilla latte with coffee creme steamed instead of 2%, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Seriously though, we're not all
"starbots" as sad as it sounds, I feel like I make a difference in someones day when they get a coffee that they enjoy at 6:30am. I worked at 2 cafes prior to starbucks and I felt the same way. I mean, I know my day is going to suck if the first thing is my coffee is wrong, or doesn't taste right or something is off. Kudos to the employees that work at Tim Horton's and think the same thing, but in reality there's no effort in their coffee, and kudos to second cup for the good day they give their customers. Starbucks may come out as the "evil" corporation, but there's just as many Second Cups in most towns, and there's way more Tim Horton's in other towns so as much as most people hate starbucks, they can have their opinion, that's fine. Feel free to come to the Empire Building Starbucks one day and I'm sure you'll get a great cup of coffee with a comedic and laid back employee base and if by some chance we do mess up your drink, we'll remake it, no problem. Me, myself, I always let the customer keep the drink I screwed up on. Shit I work downtown, I'm sure that person can give it to a friend.

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to say, keep your opinion about the company as a corporation, but each store as what it is, a coffee house.... with bad music. If any evil is happening, it's back in Seattle, not in our stores.

P.S. a scoop or two of matcha powder makes most iced beverages taste really good, especially the orange mango banana bled. (shameless promotion I know, but it's actually good ;D)

Starbucks Employee: random number

Anonymous said...

you get what you pay for- so stop complaining.