Monday, June 04, 2007

Toronto FC

I endured a sweltering Saturday afternoon at BMO Field to see the Toronto FC edge the Colorado Rapids for the new team's third victory. As a non-soccer fan I was pretty skeptical going in, but I walked away impressed with the game and the show surrounding it.

BMO Field is a spectator's facility with great sight lines - even if the seat spacing is a bit intimate for my liking. The concessions look promising, although nobody was ordering meat pies in Saturday's forty-degree heat and I don't care what anyone says, nothing but nothing is as refreshing as ice cold light beer, which was nowhere to be found among the many Euro-brews.

The game itself was riveting, with plenty of action packed into a quick two hours, though I'd caution other neophytes to go with someone versed in the game to answer questions. Without a doubt, the show's highlight is the whistle-to-whistle energy of the fans, particularly those chanting and singing in the stadium's south end. Truth be told, I felt like a Presbyterian at a Catholic wedding - a tad unnerved with all the ritual and imported tradition.


Road Hammer said...

Tell me you were spared that "Olay, Olay, Olay, Olay" crap.

David said...

Unfortunately not.