Thursday, July 05, 2007

Top 5 Chicken Wings

My apologies for being off the radar of late, I had some exam-writing to do.

Moments ago, I weighed in on a discussion about chicken wings between the Road Hammer and the Webber. The Hammer alleges that Local Heroes, an Ottawa sports bar, disguises turkey wings as poulet. These wings, retched as they are, are too small to be turkey wings and are more likely pried off a seagull or pigeon. The Parking Lot's picks for best chicken wings:

1. St. Louis' Bar & Grill (anywhere)
2. Gabby's Bar & Grill (Bedford & Bloor, Toronto, Ontario)
3. Lou's Bar & Grill (Kitsilano in Vancouver)
4. Boston Pizza (anywhere)
5. Ring-A-Wing (Oxford St., London, Ontario)

Surprisingly, the Anchor Bar - birthplace of buffalo wings - in Buffalo, New York, doesn't even come close to making the list. The beef on weck is to die for, however.