Friday, October 13, 2006

Everything I Love: Playoff Baseball

America's game is best played under the lights on cold October evenings. With managers exhausting bullpens and dramatic home run endings, the post-season is electric. Its tension is reflected in the hopeful eyes of the players draped on the dugout rail and on the faces of fans silently mouthing words of prayer. Case-in-point: on Wednesday night, protecting a three-run lead, and with two out on a full count, the Tigers loaded the bases for Oakland's Frank Thomas. You could hear Motown's collective sigh of relief here in London when The Big Hurt flew out.


Webber said...

Is London pretty solid Tigers country?

In Vancouver. Starting to see why this is such a popular city. Went to a bar called Malone's off Kits Beach. Good times. That being said, the sun is shining. I have had great luck with the weather.

That being said, the homeless problem here is crazy. Not as bad as Victoria, but while on the patio at Malone's, we watched a homeless man scream at a tree for 45 minutes straight.

David said...

I don't have sufficient exposure to the locals to know, but I assume there are a few.

Malone's has both the best view and the best spaghetti in Vancouver.