Friday, February 16, 2007

Everything I Love: Surf, Sand, and Sea Shells

Turquoise water, white sand, and palm huts give us sandcastles, flats fishing, and Tiki bars. I recorded the above clip in the Bahamas over Christmas while I read fish lit on the Paradise Island beach. This weekend, if last week's Everything I Love hasn't made winter any easier, pick up a copy of Islands in the Stream, play some Kenny Chesney songs, and enjoy a pitcher of iced mojitos.


Road Hammer said...

Have you ever wondered what the Parking Lot would sound like if David was a gangsta?

If so, cut and paste the following into your browser, and then go hit that booty.

David said...

Thank you, Road Hamma.

Helen said...

Gorgeous beach... I wish I didn't have my passport confiscated and I could go away this spring break! I hate Canadian immigration!