Friday, April 27, 2007

Everything I Love: MBA Graduation

In a few hours I'll be graduating, suggesting that they probably lost my paper on the North American auto industry. I decided to pursue this MBA during a miserable day at the bargaining table where I was fighting a trade union over the placement of a comma. I became determined to find a job as an accountant. Next month I start such a job with one of the world's great companies.

It has been a wonderful two years and I'll ask your indulgence of a little narcissism while I record a few of my favourite reflections of my time here.

  • Early on, billionaire and Hamilton Ticats owner Bob Young shook our confidence when he recalled that he was denied admission to this business school
  • I shook hands with Bill Clinton (and found some Purelle)
  • I spent a month in China teaching business strategy at Tsinghua University in Beijing
  • My friends and I won a case competition in a blizzard
  • By January of first year, I figured out cycle time
  • TD Bank CEO Ed Clark told us that networking is for chumps
  • I spent a summer as a consultant with a great firm and mastered PowerPoint
  • I was taught by three great professors
  • I've made some lifelong friends
  • My friends and I helped an international NGO with how not to raise money
  • Of all our field trips, the freezer factory visit was the best
Tonight I get to go home for good. Let the fishing begin.


Skeelo said...

Well done and may you never have to set foot on another Univeristy campus as long as you live.

Who are you going to be working for?

SGT DUB said...

congratulations!!!! That is a lot of work and you will certainly be proud of accomplishing it. Let the fishing begin.

webber said...

Coors Light and Wings on me.

David said...

Thank you Sarge and Sean for your good wishes. Our convocation yesterday was a memorable one.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I hope that our anonymous friendship will continue ;). All the best :).

Road Hammer said...

Way to go, buddy. You and the CFO both deserve a lot of credit for the last 20 months. I would also be lying if I didn't admit that I'm a little jealous of your experience.

David said...

Thanks, T. It was definitely a roller coaster, but worth it in the end.