Friday, December 08, 2006

London Blizzard of '06

London has been buried by three feet of snow, closing school and cancelling my exam. There are some exams where you pray for this kind of reprieve. This is not one of them. With the trains still reportedly running, there's hope that I can escape, but getting to the station will be an adventure.

Update (9:00 a.m.): Taxis aren't taking calls and the lazy, unionized bus drivers haven't shown up for work, so I'm going to walk to the train station to escape this devastation.

Update (10:12 a.m.): I made it to the train station after catching a taxi half way. This snow storm really hasn't lived up to the hysterics of the A-Channel morning show hosts. They were reporting that offices have been closed and pleading that no one risk their lives by stepping outside. Later, they couldn't figure out why everyone was calling in to ask whether the malls were open.

Update (1:15 p.m.): This storm appears to have cut across southwestern Ontario like a knife. Ten minutes outside London, there is little more than a dusting.


Chris Farley's Ghost said...

I think you are jaded because we survived the ice storm. Based on what I have seen, the photos of London are nothing like Kingston, which resembled Sarajevo, circa 1994.

David said...

No kidding - during the ice storm we lost power and cars were crushed by trees. Remember walking around at night in the pitch black and all you could hear was the sound of branches crashing all around you? As I recall, you risked your life manning a shelter where you contracted meningitis.

I still don't understand why you cancel work for a snow. Just leave earlier.

Chris Farley's Ghost said...


And yes, I remember risking my life. The city in all its wisdom decided to refer all the homeless to the shelter at Queen's.