Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Review: Thank You For Smoking

"I don't have an MD or a law degree. I have a BA in kicking ass and taking names" - Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking

In Thank You For Smoking, Aaron Eckhart's character walks a tightrope as the ace lobbyist for Big Tobacco while trying to set a good example for his son. This movie was released earlier in the year, but I caught the second release with the Kingsway Theatre fading to black. The movie was cleverly written with nimble dialogue and William H. Macy is stellar as a Jesus-boot-wearing, tweed-jacketed, Dalton McGuinty-like weenie Senator from Vermont. Had I paid more than $6, however, or had the movie been longer than 90 minutes, I may have snuck out to catch the second half of Studio 2. Others have loved this one, but on a rent/don't rent scale, I give it a "don't rent" unless you're short on time or you borrow your movies fom the library.


Road Hammer said...

You can't be serious.

It's great.

Chip Wagon said...

Word on the street is: the keeper of this blog was seen around Toronto on Saturday wearing a very handsome Harry Rosen suit. That is the good news. The bad news is that he was not wearing a tie. That's right folks, a suit and no tie. I guess some fellows really do just let it all hang out on Saturdays.

David said...

I concede that my review of the film may have been coloured by indigestion from 16 finger sandwiches chased by a bag of popcorn.

As for Saturday, going without a tie reduces body temperature by two degrees celsius. This was my contribution to a smog-free Ontario.

Crocker Jarmon said...

I think the author is just embracing fashion. About time. A pink shirt is around the corner.