Thursday, September 28, 2006

Review: The Big Picture With Avi Lewis

On the heels of yesterday's review of The Agenda, I caught The Big Picture With Avi Lewis last night. You'll recall Avi Lewis, former Much Music VJ and Upper Canada College egalitarian, who once hosted Counterspin on CBC Newsworld. The Big Picture is just Counterspin preceded by a film that serves as the subject of a townhall discussion. The audience is larger and more liberal, but poor Avi, the intellectual runt of the Lewis litter, is no brighter. Mimicking his father's affectation, he fawns all over beauty queen Elizabeth May and berates conservative strawmen to the wild applause of his Annex audience. It begs the question of why any conservative would subject themselves to the uninformed ravings of this boob.

On a go/no-go scale, I give The Big Picture a no-go.

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