Monday, September 11, 2006

Style and Design

Men's Journal, a favourite periodical of mine, recently published its picks for 100 pieces of gear representing the best in style and design. Most of these items are well outside my frugal price range, but I was surprised to discover that I either own or have access to three of the items - the Filson briefcase, the Moleskine notebook, and a cedar strip canoe.

To their list, I think five additional knick-knacks are stylish.

  1. Mounted taxidermy
  2. Heavy leather chairs
  3. The Tolman Skiff
  4. Plaid shirts
  5. Cardigan sweaters


rubber duck said...

Not surprisingly, I am far more stylish by the Parking Lot standard than I am by the Men's Journal standard. Fine by me.

Road Hammer said...

What's the Tolman Skiff?

David said...

The Tolman Skiff is a wooden outboard motor boat designed for fishing along the Alaskan coast. If I'm ever able to pry myself from the couch, I may try and build one... some day.

Webber said...

Which Men's Journal?

David said...

August - the one with the car on the cover.