Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Review: UWO On-Campus Coffee

I have returned to the University of Western Ontario, a suspect academic institution if ever there was one, and I have come to realize how bad on-campus coffee is. Although served in Tim Horton's cups, the catering service somehow concocts a witch's brew that simultaneously tastes like black licorice and wet tobacco. Fear not, triple cream seems to fix things.

On a Go/No-Go scale, I give UWO on-campus coffee (and a number of other things around here) an emphatic: you should have gone to Queen's.


Road Hammer said...

I see morale is not at its highest these days.

David said...

To quote George Jones, "there's nothing better, once you've had the best".

In an ironic twist, I see that the word verification required for this comment is the following letter sequence: "fuuwo".