Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back To School: Then and Now

I returned to school for my MBA 10 years after I started my undergrad. Things had changed a little.

Then: For most of us, our first email accounts were through the university. We'd line up 15-deep behind six computers at the library to check our email on a complicated DOS-based email system. The line moved quickly because we never had any email.
Now: I have wireless Internet everywhere on campus which means that, with instant messaging, universal email access, and blogging, I never get anything done.

Then: The only reason we had to leave the classroom was a well-planned bathroom visit to break up the monotony of the IS-LM macroeconomic framework.
Now: The ubiquitous cell phones routinely interrupts class, apparently a land that the vibrate function forgot. It's equally irritating in the library where where students take calls and proceed to converse as though they're talking through a tin can.

Then: A Diet Coke and a Twix bar offered a convenient ten-minute break.
Now: A study break starts with a cup of coffee and ends two hours later at the end of a Wikipedia search loop.

Then: Girls wore overalls and fleece... like on a camping trip.
Now: Lululemon... thank you, Chip Wilson.


Skeelo said...

F**k Lululemon. Ms. Skeelo and I applied for a Lulu franchsie (all US stores are franchised) in Denver a couple of years ago and they said thanks but no thanks. We did very extensive market research studying the per capita income of the top zip codes, cost of lease in certain retail areas, and flow of customer traffic, etc. We supplied them with an excellent business plan. Four months after denying us they open a corporate run store at the exact intersection we said we wanted to open ours. Now they have started running clinics after we said we wanted to start running clinics there then and start a Terry Fox Run in Denver. If they intitiate a Terry Fox Run there Ms. Skeelo is going to blow a gasket. Every word I just wrote is the truth and I'm very tempted to call them and ask for my sizeable fee for doing all their research for them.

I'm actually not bitter. I still love their clothes and would apply again for a franchise in a heartbeat. Chip is one hell of an entrepreneur and I would love to be in business with him.

David said...

To say the least, that's pretty tacky of them to do. Have you considered a version of your business plan for retail that doesn't involve a franchise or Lululemon?

Skeelo said...

Lululemon is the only retail Ms. skeelo and I would want right now. We really liked the brand a lot and knew we could get really into it. We couldn't run another franchise or create or own.

We may go back to Lulu in a few years for a franchise in a warm climate, untapped market.

Road Hammer said...

I have no idea what Lulumon is.

David said...

To steal a line from Rush Limbaugh, Lululemon is a product that will make you a fan of the women's movement... especially when you're walking behind it.