Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Remembering Dave Stieb's No-Hitter

On September 2, 1990, I was hours away from starting grade nine and Dave Stieb threw the first and only no-hitter in Toronto Blue Jay history. It was Labour Day weekend and we were we were shuttering cottages and stacking deck furniture inside the house - the most disheartening tasks of summer. Hoisting shutters from truck to building, we listened to Tom and Jerry, tension building in their play-by-play as Stieb pitched through the middle innings. It was the middle of a three-day blow on the Ottawa River and at times the howling wind would drown out the call on a deep fly and we'd scurry to the radio for reassurance. When Stieb retired the Indians in the eighth on three fly balls, we ran to the log cabin to watch the ninth.

Youtube clip was here.

This clip gives me chills and you have to love the glimpses of Henke, Wells, Bell, and Rance Mulliniks in the congratulatory scrum.

Editor's note: Youtube has been forced to remove the clip due to copyright violation.


webber said...

I cheered against the Jays in the World Series both times, and almost got beaten up in a Legion in '93 as a result!


David said...

How's that going, by the way?

Skeelo said...

When I was about 19, Bell had a huge outing for their senior execs and their kids. It was a baseball themed day and held at a Diamond in I think Thornhill (not really relevant). Steib and Mulliniks were there to put on a clinic and me and two of my teammates were there as their assistants. After it was done Steib gave us beers out of his cooler stocked by Bell and told us awesome stories for about 2 hours. It was just great. Mulliniks was surprisingly a dick.

David said...

Sounds like a fantastic afternoon, that's surprising that Rance was a dick. You'd think the grinders would have some humility.

I think Stieb had the most fluid delivery in baseball.

Skeelo said...

He did have good mechanics. The Jays were blessed with Stieb but also with Jimmy Key and David Wells who has the best delivery of any lefthanded pitcher of the best 20 years. If you were coaching kids you would have them emulate Wells.

David said...

On another issue - it's really pissed me off that Youtube keeps having to remove clips like this. It's not as if Major League Baseball or ESPN are selling clips of half-innings. Even if they were, no one will pay for it.

Is it not a great way to market baseball to have classic moments freely available to the public? You'd think that the transmission of clips like this would, through raising interest in baseball, increase revenues and offset any loss from copyright infringement.

Just a thought.

webber said...

I always thought Jimmy Key was an undertated pitcher.