Friday, April 13, 2007

Everything I Love: The End of School

I wrote my last exam last night and I'll hand in a take-home today at noon. This draws to a conclusion the sixteen months of coursework required by the Big Picture School for its MBA. It also marks the completion of twenty-two years of formal education. That's it. Stick a fork in me - I'm done.


Road Hammer said...

Congratulations buddy. That deserves a cigar and a day out on the lake at the very least.

webber said...

Indeed, quite an achievement. Did you know that you are the wind beneath my wings?

Skeelo said...

Congrats. I'm sure it's been a long 16 motnhs.

Having now finished, would you recommend the program there to friends?

David said...

Thank you very much, guys. I'll be celebrating this weekend in Cortland, NY at the Guy Clark concert.

Skeelo, you've raised a question that I've been wrestling with since September. I would recommend the program that I went through. I would qualify that recommendation by saying that the case study method is not for everyone and there are other programs that may be better suited to particular personalities and learning styles.

The program met all my expectations and I have very few complaints - my classmates are talented and have become good friends, I obtained summer and permanent employment that satisfied my objectives, and I got to spend a month abroad that I never would have considered before the MBA.

My cohort was the last two-year program at the Big Picture School, which has since adopted a 12-month curriculum. While I have no doubt that the new program will eventually surpass its predecessor in quality, I'd advise others to take a pass on it for a couple of years until they've worked out the kinks.

I'm planning on writing a few posts in a couple of weeks with my reflections on my time in business school.