Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Catch of '06

Spin casting off the back dock, I pulled this spirited Pumpkinseed from Pocket Bay on a Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner, a steady workhorse if there ever was one. Though it won't set any records, it's on the books.

The weekend itself was complete harmony: steak and pork chops grilled on a kettle barbecue, a lazy front nine on Sumac Grove, lunches from two of this world's most satisfying menus, thunder and lightening that shook the Little Cottage on Saturday night, freshly-squeezed and sugary lemonade at the old Antrim Truck Stop, and my cousin carving ascendant fins out of the river with his water-ski. Monday was so flawless in its serenity that it took every ounce of will to return to the city.


Road Hammer said...

I wasted the day Monday by watching the 90210 marathon on TVtropolis.

Crocker Jarmon said...

Me too! Though I managed to swing by the Etobicoke Ribfest to have some fantastic pulled pork by a New Mexico outfit.

David said...

Did you guys catch the episode where Dylan and Kelly Pearl Harbour Brenda with the news of their affair? Or, where Kelly gets trapped in the fire while Brandon is out hustling Emily Valentine? Classics.