Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Review: Barcelona & My Thai Kitchen

I recently ventured outside my usual binary selection of Kingsway restaurants to sample Barcelona and My Thai Kitchen. At Barcelona, we enjoyed roasted goat cheese, crab cakes, and skewered pork, but the steak was too beefy and the Mariachi band was drowned out by the wailing toddler whose selfish parents couldn’t possibly have settled for the Swiss Chalet across the street. Good though the tapas may be, appetizers alone can't possibly justify enduring its boorish servers. In contrast to this Euromisery was My Thai Kitchen which serves beer in a female-shaped glass so anatomically correct that it would make a pornographer blush and the drinker drool when a lower lip snags on a nipple. From the hot and sour soup through mango salad and Pad Thai, this place keeps pace with well-known rivals, The Green Mango and Springrolls, bite-for-bite.

On a Go/No-Go scale, I give My Thai Kitchen a “Go” and Barcelona a “No-Go”.


Webber said...

Where are these establishments? I can't believe you ventured out of the West End.

David said...

In fact, I did not. Barcelona is on Bloor between Royal York and Grenview. My Thai Kitchen is near the corner of Bloor and Montgomery.