Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Who Would Want To?

One of my favourite signs, this one posted outside the men's room at the Skydome, is posted at the lavatory entrance in many bars and nightclubs. It prompts two questions. First, what possible harm can a cup of flat beer do in the bathroom? Second, who would want to take their drink to the toilet? I think that if someone wants to expose their beverage to the particulate in the men's room, let them. These people are more dangerous to themselves than they are to others.


I.oana said...

It was really nice browsing through your blog and reading your recent posts. I love life and I like learning as much as possible about it, even from others' experience. I am an artist and I would truly appreciate it if you gave me your opinion about my creatsions. Thank you

Jim Burnett said...

Hello i.oana!

It is LCBO law that alcohol cannot be taken into bathrooms because they are unlicensed areas. You usually cannot take a beverage into a stairwell, hallway, or even a coat check at a club.

David said...

Thank you for pointing that out, Jim. My friend Brian also recently pointed out to me that an Ottawa Police Officer informed him that, in addition to the toilet's exclusion from the license, they don't want people passing beer to minors there.

Thank you for solving helping to solve this mystery.