Monday, October 16, 2006

10 Best Places to be a Marriage Counsellor

When the avalanche season slows, adventure and outdoor magazines fall back on their favourite feature - the best places to live and play in America. Climb a crevasse over lunch in Boulder, raft every weekend in Taos, commute by kayak in Missoula, and fish during your coffee break in Key West. Escapist photos bring this list to life as men toast their climb in a Jackson Hole saloon, unload the canoes in North Conway, and weave down mountain bike trails in Burlington. What you will not see are their wives or children. This is because these guys fell for an illusory life created by magazine editors who are gainfully employed in Manhattan. They fail to describe the mechanics of how one convinces a spouse to remove the kids from school, quit her job, trade the house for a yurt, and shelve books part-time at the Boise Public Library while you whitewater raft.

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