Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, see you on Tuesday. Best wishes to the Webber who begins his western Canada odyssey this morning.


Anonymous said...

Eat buttloads of turkey and pumpkin pie!

Webber said...

Thanks Dave... writing this from a Holiday Inn in Kamloops.

First reason why Western Canada (actually Alberta) rules. Private liquor stores. I was able to stop in at a liquor store on my way back to the hotel when the wedding wrapped up to pick up a six-pack of Kokanee.

It was 2am.

God bless capitalism.

Road Hammer said...

Webber, what are you doing out there?

David said...

Yes, good luck finding the same in the People's Republic of British Columbia

webber said...

Out here on Vacation...

In Victoria at the moment. It reminds me of Kingston. It looks the same, has a miliatry component and a school and is about the same size.

Granted, the view of the ocean and mountains is a tad better than the view of Lake Ontario and Wolfe Island, but other than that, no much.

And, as we discovered last night as we tried to find a hot night spot, no Beachslam.