Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rant: Shop Talk

Next to golf, there is no more mundane subject than work. Unless you’re a coast guard captain, a rodeo clown, or a Playboy photographer, the only people with whom you should speak about your job are co-workers and your spouse. The rest of us don’t know “John” or “Michael” or about what an EBX report is, and we don’t care. Within five seconds of your work story, we’ve tuned out and are thinking about sports, sex, or politics.


Webber said...


In Whistler... I was wondering why I got such a good deal at the Delta here in town. When I ventured out on the town I found out why. Everything is closed. The only bars that were open were crowded with surley locals who tended to stare at those they didn't know.

This is the in-between season here. They have closed up the bike trails and are getting ready for ski season. The gondola up the mountain wasn't even open.

But, I have to say, it is very nice and was very relaxing. I would like to return I think to ski here.

David said...

Surly bar patrons... sounds like Milwaukee.

I found that Whistler seemed plastic, like the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

David said...

Actually I believe that the Road Hammer spent the night in the parking lot at Whistler in a hippie bus.

Road Hammer said...

Yes, that is true, Dave. I went from sea level (Wreck Beach) to Whistler in the span of about four hours and spent the night in the back of a '78 Volkswagen.

There's quite a bit more to this story that is best told during a future redneck roadtrip.

Webber said...

Yes, it was plastic. My first thoughts were negative. Seemed like a larger version of Mont Tremblant.

But, I have to say it grew on me.

Look forward to hearing that story Hammer