Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rant: In the Middle Lane

Drive on any of Ontario’s 400-series highways and you’ll observe a nose-to-tail Freight Train of Death steaming down the center lane at a blistering 108 km/hr. To the outside, empty lanes afford ample room to pass, but these drivers hold their positions as though drafting at Indianapolis. The middle lane is not an easy place to drive with cars merging from both the left and right, but these convoys are as inevitable as Monday. I suspect that the Freight Train of Death contains a disproportionate number of minivans, easily the most dangerous motorists on the road.


Webber said...


Almost every time I drive back from Ottawa, as soon as the third lane opens up after Coburg, the centre lane clogs up.

I have actually been able to cruise at 120 km/hr in the "slow" lane because all the slow drivers bunch up the middle.


Paul said...

Here in Denver, it's the "fast" lane that's permanently clogged. Even after a five-year construction project that widened the main north-south freeway from three to four lanes (so now there are TWO middle lanes), it's the far left one that's bumper to bumper, especially at rush hour.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but as soon as I get on the road and somebody is screwing up traffic, I automatically assume it's a minivan.
Oh and the middle lane is full of women drivers because they don't want to drive in the right hand lane and have to merge when people are coming off the ramps, and they don't want to drive in the left hand lane and pass anybody because god forbid they go over this 108km/h.

I stick to the slow lane until I need to pass, But normally I'm passing all the idiots in the middle lane :) Goodness I'm so mean today!

David said...

It's true - you can sit in the right hand lane and put on the cruise control and pass these jokers, but it's perilous because I guarantee you that the minivans aren't checking their blindspots.