Monday, October 02, 2006

Leadership: Two Tales

Former Privy Council Clerk and CN Rail honcho Paul Tellier commented recently on working with two Prime Ministers:

"Brian Mulroney is a very sensitive, people-oriented person. At one point, my sister got involved in a bad car accident. Afterward, every time I would walk into his office, he would ask, 'how is your sister?'. Something could happen to my children, good or bad, and he would phone. Pierre Trudeau, on the other hand, would never take the time to say 'thank you', ever. Trudeau had an outstanding mind and he was able to define a problem and look at options; to write a paper for him and discuss it and have him take it apart was a real joy. Mulroney, on the other hand, was a very practical guy. He would ask, 'What is the practical solution here?' And you know, maybe it was only second best, but that's all we can do... They were two outstanding individuals but very, very different."
Now, who do you like better? (The original version of this post disguised the identities)


Webber said...

Depends on the question?

I would rather work for CEO #1.

Who is the better leader? Not sure.

Webber said...

This isn't another Hitler/Churchill trick question is it?

David said...

No. I'm surprised you haven't guessed it yet.

Webber said...

Is it Bush/Clinton?

David said...
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David said...

CEO #1 is Brian Mulroney
CEO #2 is Pierre Trudeau
The quotation came from former Privy Council Clerk and CNR CEO Paul Tellier

Webber said...

So what is your answer? Whom would you rather work for?