Monday, January 08, 2007

Notes from the Suburbs

For the first time in my life, I am living in a true suburb and in a new house. I have spent the past week completing a move to one of Toronto's suburbs and I offer the following preliminary observations:

  • There is a Boston Pizza for every 100 residents
  • There is no Starbucks
  • There is a farm across the street
  • Globe and Mail delivery extends to Europe, but not Markham
  • Any water use unleashes a Niagara-like torrent along the length of your living room ceiling


Webber said...

Have to like all the free parking though.

Are you going to by an SUV, now that you are a suburbanite?

Road Hammer said...

How about the plethora of road hockey games?

David said...

I'm thinking either a pick-up truck or a Buick. Whatever carries the most fishing equipment.

Oddly, no road hockey games.

Brad said...

Hey Dave,

Was just checking my stats and found you as a referrer - congrats on the move. Are you permanently installed?

SGT DUB said...

Go with the truck, and good job in picking a place close to the pizza parlor.

David said...

Brad - we're here as long as the CFO says we're here. With easy access to fishing and big box retail, I could stay here for an eternity.