Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Review: The Queen

Accepting the Golden Globe award for best screenplay this week, Peter Morgan summed up his movie's plot, while simultaneously engaging in treason, "[When Princess Diana died], 2.2 million people went on the streets of London, sleeping rough, bringing the biggest city in Europe to a standstill so that a stubborn 70-year-old lady would fly from Aberdeen to London. What are we gonna have to do when it's really important? You have to believe that public protest counts for something." The hysterical ravings of this buffoon aside, any film starring Helen Mirren is worth seeing.

Despite its apparent intentions, the movie gave me, a previously-skeptical subject, a renewed faith in the monarchy. The film documents that, sometime after World War II, the British people evolved into North American saps who wailed for days about the death of a celebrity ex-royal. The Queen, a stiff-upper-lip WASP from the generation of Britons who endured the Blitz, couldn't quite relate to a country raised on People Magazine. Unfortunately, Prince Charles appears to be one of the latter, which does little to cement my new faith. On a go/no-go scale, I give The Queen a "go".

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