Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chili Festival: Rack of Chili

This week I had planned to make the chili that my mom had clipped, but there was no cocoa powder in the Platt's Lane Palace in London. Instead, I combined ground beef and pork with the usual spices and added crushed tomatoes, beef consomme, and Bud Light for flavour. I also tossed in the ends of a leftover rack of spare ribs that were about to go into the freezer. I can't take the credit for this last ingredient, which must go to my former classmate and colleague Greg Niram who once advised me that simmering ribs in chili would cause the meat to fall off the bone and season the stew. Our panel approved of this improvisation, Lawrence inhaling two bowls of the dish right off the stove and Uncle Al slurping down a couple of cold spoonfuls the next day. My own feeling is that I went too heavy on the Frank's Red Hot Sauce and, having been spoiled with cubed meat on the last chili, I don't really like to go back to ground meat. Here's the recipe for Rack of Chili. A final note of caution - little bits of rib bone do fall off into the chili, so a spittoon may be useful

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