Saturday, February 24, 2007

Colin Cowherd on Blogs

The ludicrously-named Colin Cowherd, host of ESPN radio's The Herd, in ridiculing Fuzzy Zoeller for his defamation suit against a Wikipedia writer, recently said:

Nerds used to write on bathroom walls, now they have blogs... Blogs are written by people who have bad jobs and too much time on their hands... I'd never sue a blogger who defamed me because it's not worth it... It's not like a blog is held to the same editorial standards as the New York Times... If bloggers had any real talent they would not be writing blogs...

Now take it easy all you blogging nerds - you might think that his dismissal of defamation suits makes it safe to write that Colin Cowherd is an alcoholic gambler, that Colin Cowherd snorts cocaine off urinals with a naked Paris Hilton, that Colin Cowherd wears dog fur coats, or that Colin Cowherd is a nasally Jim Rome without the wit - but all that would be viciously untrue and you'd have missed that he was once an alleged blog plagiarist reader.

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BJS said...

Ohhhhhhhh, snap. Eat that, Cowherd.