Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rant: Staples - It's Never Easy

How come every time I approach the copy centre at Staples the employee eyes me like I've got some kind of pox? Irrespective of job size or time of day, there is at least 4-hour lead time at Staples and the word "expedite" is blasphemous. This morning, with the clock ticking on a tight deadline, the attendant hemmed and hawed before guessing my 100-page black-and-white could "probably, maybe" be printed by tomorrow morning. Who, pray tell, has the foresight to visit a print shop 24 hours in advance of a deadline? I felt like grabbing one of Staples' "That was easy" buttons and popping it maniacally until the attendant wet himself. Instead I found a Kwik Kopy that processed the job on the spot.

Photo credit: Stevster

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