Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blogrolling: The Road Hammer

The Road Hammer is Canada's most prolific blogger, holding court daily on politics , art, and life. A voracious reader and a keen observer of popular culture, the Hammer inhales books, newspapers, and concert DVDs, and translates them into a practical social philosophy. The Hammer and I began blogging together as members of The Highwaymen and, before long, it was apparent that he generated enough content for several blogs across a variety of genres. Like Frasier, the Road Hammer's spin-off has eclipsed the modest success of The Highwaymen and, in less than 18 months, he's published hundreds of posts and built a loyal following of over 1,500 readers per month. A blog's influence can be measured by the number of other blogs that form nodes in a hub-and-spoke structure around it. Counting this blog, there are at least five such spokes extending from the Hammer's hub and countless regular commenters that populate the Road Hammer's corner of the web.

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