Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rant: Table Clearing (2)

Previously, I ranted about waiters who clear the table before everyone is finished. This is only marginally more irksome than asking you to "hang on to your fork" while removing your salad plate. Is cutlery so expensive that diners need to place it, smeared as it is with Caesar salad dressing, on the dirty table or balance it delicately on the knife? From the standard 15% tip, I suggest that this justifies a further 1% deduction.

Now, lest you picture me an eccentric Morty Seinfeld-type, sitting at my table with a Wizard tip calculator (I know, it does other things), I usually start from a 20% base, adding or subtracting depending on the service.

Photo credit: kruder396


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! You go to a restaurant for service, it's not rocket science!

David said...

Right, you don't want to tuck into your steak with utensils encrusted by appetizer crud.