Monday, March 05, 2007

Uncle Alec's Darwin Award

On the eve of last week's Iv'y Rod & Gun Club fishing adventure, a few members backed out in favour of a South Carolina golf vacation. After reading week, I had planned to mercilessly question their manhood. Until I heard this story:

HILTON HEAD, SC - Approaching the 8th green, a Big Picture MBA candidate - let's call him Alec - noticed an unusual lawn ornament. Along the shore of a nearby water hazard was a ten-foot rubber alligator, no doubt the southern version of the scarecrow. Never one to miss a a good photo for his Christmas form letter, Alec scampered up to the grey statue and struck it repeatedly with his wedge. Triumphant in subduing the rubber beast, Alec proceeded to mount it - a proclivity acquired growing up around garden gnomes on Vancouver Island. At this point, the gator roared to life "in the heavy and lethal manner of a dangerous predator". Recounted an observer, "then he went running like a ten year-old school girl who had just had a toad thrown at her by one of the boys."
And to think he scored over 700 on the GMAT...

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webber said...

Another reason to question anyone from the left coast... btw, the Earl St. Chili was magnificent.